Central Web Control Policy video Playing issue


First time posting so let me know if something is wrong.


I have created a Central Web control Policy blocking everything bar our training website, the website itself loads and I can browse it.
However when trying to play a video on the site it looks like its being blocked as well, is there a work around? or something i'm doing wrong.


thanks in advance for help


  • Hi  

    As you have mentioned, only video streaming from your training website is getting blocked, I'd suggest you check into the logs of Sophos client control events and note the URL which is being blocked there and compare it to your education website URL.

    Please let me know whether the URL which is being blocked when you are playing a video has the domain of your education website and also put the URL into the exception list and try to play that video one more time.

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    In addition to what  wrote, you can also try using F12 browser tools (in Chrome, for example, press F12 when on the page where objects such as training videos are blocked, and go to the Network tab). You should see most if not all of the objects loaded, and whether or not these are blocked. Those that are blocked will be listed in RED fonts with a status other than 200. That might shed some light on what other domains would need to be allowed in your Web Control policy. Hope this helps too.