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Policy non-compliance: Network Threat Protection : All is running


I don't understand, all my search show that some services can be down

In my case, all is green and running and this alert sent to me : Policy non-compliance: Network Threat Protection 
the available choices are :

  • Mark as acknowledge
  • Reinstall Endpoint protection

Few PC are impacted. At first i Reinstalled endpoint, and after some days the same alert comme back.
And now what can i do ?
I presume that is not safe


Thanks  for your opinion


  • Hi  

    Please check if this article helps you out. It usually comes up when there is a change made by the local administrator such that the running configuration of the endpoint does differ from the policy.

  • In reply to Yashraj:


    I "Mark as acknowledge" concerned devices and i wait and see ...

    Thank you

  • In reply to Hupf:


    Please monitor this issue and let me know how it goes. 

  • In reply to Yashraj:


    The same message comes today, i wait result from from a diagnostic ran


  • In reply to Hupf:

    Hello Hupf,

    Just checking if this issue is resolved or not. Do you still need any help with this?



  • In reply to SAJ:


    No, but around this , nothing seams to be worried.
    I think alert is closed when services state is good

    The issue, it's appear, is the alert does not turn off

    Can you confirm ?
    Perhaps a display issue  ?



  • In reply to Hupf:

    Hi Hupf,


    If the alert is resolved by you, You can move the alert to "Mark as resolved" under the STATUS tab on the Sophos central dashboard of that particular device.

    This action clears the alert from the list in Sophos Central and also clears threat details from the quarantine manager on the computer or server.

    You can enforce a new scan on the device to make sure the threat is cleared from the device.

    For more details on how to deal with alerts, please follow the link here.