Central Reporting - Put actual information in the reports

Why are the reports so non-informative?

Example: Bad Status computer report
There's no information as to why the status is bad, but you waste space on the report with a redundant "bad icon" when I've already selected a report of only bad status workstations.

In order to find the status, I have to drill down to the workstation, and click on the Status tab, almost like you guys are getting paid by the click. Exporting the results just shows me a column labeled "critical", which is equally as useless..

If you want to consider yourselves an enterprise-class tool, you need to start acting like you WANT to be. Put some useful information in the grid, or give me the option to...


  • Hi  

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    The report which you are accessing has computers of all health status including healthy, bad status and medium status because of that we have provided the column of health status, so when all the computers are displayed on that page, their status should be displayed.

    The alert, because of which the machine's health is bad or red, always appears in the section alerts in the main menu. From there you can check the alerts with critical/red mark and try to resolve that error which will improve the health status of that particular computer. 

    You can group multiple alerts to one group if the alert is the same for multiple computers. Please refer to this document to understand the alert section more.

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    Thank you for replying, but this isn't helpful in the least.

    I'm asking how I can make my Central reports to contain useful information that doesn't require me to drill-down 4 levels in the console. You have this information, I want you to present it to me in a useful way in the grid.

    Using your tip for Alerts, this is what I see, which should illustrate why your suggestion doesn't give me what is needed:

    I have zero Red alerts, yet I have Bad Status workstations:

    Here's what I'm talking about, at a minimum the grid for a tool like this should look more like this so we don't have a 100 click fest to determine what we have to do for a specific workstation just to have to click back to the grid to see the next one, and repeat for the next XX workstations.



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    I can understand your concern and your required information.

    You need reports which provide you with detailed information on the alert because of which endpoint shows bad health.

    Currently, there is no report which provides you with this functionality but you can raise this as a feature request on this website. If you found the same feature request already, you can vote it.

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    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for raising this feature request - you're welcome to also put it on ideas.sophos.com if you'd like to but you've already caught my attention ;-)

    The majority of our customers have been looking to pull this kind of information out via an API so it can be ingested into SIEMS, displayed on a dashboards, etc. We're currently in an Early Access for our APIs at the moment but, if you look at our documentation here, our Endpoint API will let you pluck out this data with ease at in the same level of detail as you see in Central Admin. We're hoping to launch these APIs fully in the next couple of months.

    I'll be forwarding this forum post to my colleagues so we can discuss. I completely see and understand your request and it's certainly a good one.

    Really appreciate you dropping by our Community and taking the time to make those UI mockups - if this is your background, why not join the team?

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    Hey Michael,

    I've spoken with my team and I've got a little more detail for you.

    So we've had a similar ask earlier this year: https://ideas.sophos.com/forums/428821-sophos-central/suggestions/37144834-improved-device-list-views

    Our teams will be doing rounds of UI improvements to things like this report once our API project is complete. Our new API platform will be leveraged to enable us to create more advanced, more performant reporting etc in Central Admin. Once the API platform is made public (planned for the next month or so), we'll begin work on these kinds of UI improvements.

    This specific scenario/ask has been recorded and several of my colleagues on the Product team share your opinions on this report. Hopefully we'll start getting some of these improvements out before the end of the year.

    Thanks again for posting and giving us more weight/firepower to raise the priority on this work.

    Hope you're having a great week!

    - Greg (snr mgr, product team)

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    Excellent news, I look forward to seeing these changes and will keep an eye on on the development of the API.
    If more mock-ups will speed up the process, let me know and I will get my Picasso on! :)

    I am not a UX guy by trade, I just have lots of opinions...


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    Another thought looking at the Community processes used here..

    There should be a button in these forums that simply 'converts' the thread to a product improvement suggestion. Having the suggestions on a different forum that requires a different login seems like it is designed to stop people from making suggestions. Something as simple as a "Suggest as Improvement" button like this:


    and if it has already been submitted, let people know and allow them to upvote the suggestion in the same forum..

    Like this:



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    Our Community team are working on a new version at some point in the near future. I'm sadly out of the loop but  is heading up some of these efforts. I do like the idea of us merging our Ideas platform and Community together. The Ideas platform is something we inherited from an acquisition years ago but kept running and expanding but still remained a separate system from our other ones.

    Sadly the forums don't have the huge engineering resource Central has so, being honest, this kind of effort would certainly be much further out in the future before we could look at it (sadly there is a lot of baggage given integrations between a lot of different systems - SSO etc).

    Thanks for being a vocal member of our Community! I'm trying to get more active in here and this whole conversation has certainly got me more energised to hang out on here much much more!

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    More suggestions..

    I just received notification that somebody Liked one of my posts in this thread.. When I click the message on the top bar, it brings me to this thread, but there's zero indicators which of these posts was liked, and by whom.

    It feels like an indicator of So-and-so liked this post on Date Month Year on the post that received approval is missing..


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    A community forum that has feedback from the product managers, even if you don't have answer that we like, will still be a frequented place, and a good source of information.
    Thanks for listening, and providing feedback.


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    Thank you for your good feedback about the Community and also thank you for your idea on feature request through the community website.

    If you have received any messages that someone has liked your post, that is in there but you'll be only able to see the name if you keep your cursor on the like button which will pop-up the name of the person but if it is more than one who has liked the post, it will only show you the single name.

  • I'm asking how I can make my Central reports to contain useful information that doesn't require me to drill-down 4 levels in the console. You have this information, I want you to present it to me in a useful way in the grid.

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    Could you please suggest what is the issue you are facing and what reports do you need from Sophos Central?

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    I think you are missing the point:

    We don't want canned reports, we want every attribute from the workstation summary tabs available as a choice to display (and sort on) in the grid. The console obviously has access to the information, it's just all over the place so we have a click-fest to find it in multiple locations.

    We should be able to define what information we want in the grid, display it as as WE want. At that point export also becomes a useful tool. As it is now, the reports grid is largely useless...


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    Sorry for the confusion here. I was just asking the issue to Snow as he copied a few of the lines from your post.

    For the report issue, as Greg mentioned our team will work on the UI improvement including reports once the API project is completed.