Sophos for Virtual Machine vs Sophos Server Protection.

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Suggestion regarding SSVM and SSP. 


I think SSP is better than SSVM, as there are certain features in SSP that works better than SSVM. 


1. Reporting to Sophos Central.

2. Sophos Services -Safeforce, Web Filter, File integrity monitor, etc.

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    SSVM has more focus on VM specific features when compared to SSP. For instance, in SSVM you simply deploy the centralized Sophos Security Virtual Machine on the host and protect your guest virtual machines with an ultra-thin guest agent. For more information on this, I would request you to contact your partner so that they can get in touch with you and help you make a better decision. 

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    Yes but can you have the same level of control with each?  For example I have File Integrity monitor running on each vm server, with SSP.  Also a few other policies, do you get that same protection and control with SSVM, last I checked it did not look like it had as much policy control?

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    I totally agree! SSVM works so good on my machines.








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    Good to know can you offer what policies you have enabled and if you have had issues with them?

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    Hi Dane,


    SSVM is a scanning agent only. The VM has an application that passes files to the SSVM to scan and gets back a result. 

    It is best suited for high traffic servers that are reliant on performance (file servers). If you need more protection or are running applications on the server I would suggest the full Server protection package. However, please talk to your partner or sales representative for a more detailed feature breakdown and a discussion of what protection you need on each machine.