Virus Protection is snoozed

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We use Sophos Central in our company, and we have Sophos Endpoint Agent 2.3.0 on our endpoints. We use Office 365 so on the company portal is a message that the Virus Protection is not started. If I go into Windows Security, it says that Virus & Threat Protection is snoozed. It is easy to correct, but does any know why this happens and how to prevent this from happening?





  • I have also come across this but my clients are not able to "turn on" from the snooze settings because of admin settings on their devices.  Can I please get some more information on this feature as in where to control it, see affected devices, what exactly this feature does.  

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  • Hello,


    I've noticed the same in the past in my environment as well. This mostly has seemed to resolve itself over time, but there was a point I had multiple devices every morning that would have varying services not started.


    If memory serves correct there is a huge thread posted here regarding this issue at one point.


    My suggestion is to reach out to support, i've always had good luck with using that method.


  • I have the same issue. I have created a ticket with Sophos. If I find a solution will post it here.

  • Hi Kirk and JDP,

    I would advise checking your Threat Protection policy in Sophos Central to verify that on-access scanning is enabled.  Having this disabled will leave Sophos Anti-Virus running on the machine but it won't be scanning anything; thus it reports as being in a "snoozed" state.