Issues with Geolocation redirection in VMware Horizon with Sophos Endpoint is running

We are using the latest version of Sophos endpoint agent ( 10.8.3 VE3.74.1) in Horizon VMs.  Sophos is managed through the cloud.

The VMs are running a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Geolocation is setup and running via GPO.

We are having an issue with Google Chrome/IE Geolocation.

Whenever Sophos is installed, Geolocation does not work correctly and the Chrome plugin is greyed out.

If Sophos is NOT installed on the Horizon VM, the Goelocation works perfectly.
If Sophos is installed and then uninstalled, Geolocation works for a little while then stops working.

This is causing major frustration - we need anti virus protection, but not at the expense of Geolocation not working.  We (and the VMs) are based in the UK, however our Candianian users need Geolocation for web results to show correctly (e.g. if they search for KFC, they want to see KfC in Canada!)


The Horizon agent is 7.10 (latest version).  

I've contacted VMware, they will no doubt refer me to Sophos!

Has anyone had any experience with a similar issue?


  • Hi  

    As you mentioned, the issue is when Sophos is running on the system. I agree you with you that, VMware will also navigate you to Sophos.

    I'd request you to open a support case here, so the assigned engineer will let you know about the required logs in order to analyze the issue.

    This will speed up the troubleshooting from our side as well.

  • Hi,

    The fact you talk about a plugin:

    "Whenever Sophos is installed, Geolocation does not work correctly and the Chrome plugin is greyed out."

    If you go into global exclusions (in Central) and create a "Website" type exclusion for does it work?  You could create it at the threat protection policy level also if needed.


  • In reply to jak:

    A bit delayed, but after some tinkering that worked - many thanks!