Automatic suppress of computers


For information we are an industrie with about 2000 computers, and sometimes we need to delete some computers because of none used.

My question, is Sophos purpose to delete automatically computers after a long time ? Maybe 60 days ?

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    When the clients do not communicate with the server for more than 3 months, it shows inactive on Central. You have to manually delete the machines on Central which will be permanently removed after 3 months from our database. You can also generate a report of the inactive users and machines and then delete computers manually. You may also want to raise a feature request here or vote for one if its there in the list such that our product team can review and consider adding this feature in future releases.

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    If a machine has not reported back in over 2 weeks, it will stop counting towards license usage until it communicates back to Central.  There's no option to remove computers via CSV but I think this would be a nice feature.  You can download a CSV of your inactive computers here:

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    A great feature would be to be able to delete inactive computers after a preset amount of time such as 6 months or whatever the client wishes it to be.