Sophos Central says I have one licence expired that I am not aware of.

Sophos Central just started to notify me of an old licence that expired.  Most likely a trial.  How do I clear that notification ?

Paul Jr

  • Hi Paul,

    This will remain in place until a license has been applied to the central console for this product or until you stop using the features available in this evaluation. Our customer care team can help you in removing expired license notification from your central dashboard.  

  • In reply to Shweta:


    I have just called customer care team ...  With no luck.

    The thing is ... I do not know for sure what this actually is.  I do not have that licence number noted anywhere.  And besides XG sandbox I tested a long time ago (not used anywhere on any firewall rule) i can't figure what this could be ...

    But clearly, that option is not enabled anywhere on my firewall.

    Paul Jr

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    I have just checked and that particular licence number do not match the sandstorm trial.

    So what is that expired licence ????

    Paul Jr

  • In reply to Big_Buck:

    Hi Paul,

    I have checked this with our Licensing team. They would require more details to check this for you. Could you please PM me the registered email address so that I can follow up with them?