App updates to Iphones

We have deployed Sophos Central to some Iphones which are added thru DEP apple portal.


The iphones are managed in Sophos Central mobile. The phones are there in Sophos Central managed but when i want to push a task sequence it fails definitly.


The problem is how can i update the apps on the phones not the IOS system but the deployed managed apps? The user cannot do it by himself on the phone, it must be done centrally from sophos central?



  • Hi  

    Could you please let me know the error code or the message you receive when the task sequence fails? Also, if you can check if you have the right VPP and have enough licences for the same. 

  • In reply to Shweta:

    Yes thanks, i have succeeded now. The user must acknowledge the update, and open the control program i noticed.


    I thought that app updates installs automatically when managed the iphones and apps but apparantly it must be downwith pushing the app again?