Update 2 PC's to win10 in our environment and chrome and Edge cant load certain sites but IE can load everything

We are in the works at testing win10 in our environment before we roll it out business wide. We have 2 win10 laptops that my bosses use, and we just upgrade 2 workstation in the department for testing. Both workstation fall under the same OU and GP as the laptops.

The issue is chrome/Edge wont load internal sites or certain outside sites. I cant even get to Sophos unless I use IE. when you first install Chrome it works just fine but as soon as you reboot it start acting up. I have tried reinstalling both Chrome and Sophos. I tracked it down to Sophos webcontrol. As soon as that is turned off for the workstation I am able to browse the internal and external sites that wouldn't load in Chrome/Edge.


What I don't understand is

1. Why does IE work for all the sites.

2.Why does it only happen on these 2 win10 PCs. The rest of our environment is win7 and we all share the same webcontrol policy.

  • Hi Sys Dev,

    Did you perform an in-place OS upgrade with Sophos Endpoint Protection already installed?  I believe Sophos Web Control/Intelligence works differently in Windows 7 and Windows 10 with Windows 7 using Winsock and Windows 10 using WFP.  If an in-place upgrade was done then an uninstall/reinstall of Sophos Endpoint may need to be performed to properly set this up.  Another possible issue may be that you have software on the Windows 10 machine that passes all web traffic to an application that doesn't expect any delays.  Sophos Web Control may be introducing a delay by scanning the traffic and the application rejects the traffic due to the time elapsed.  If this is the case then creating a Threat Protection Website Exclusion for may resolve your issue.

  • In reply to MEric:

    I did a fresh install of Win10 and a newly formatted HDD. I did try to uninstall Sophos and chrome, then reinstalled them both. Ill look in to the the threat protection as that might be the case.