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Synchronized Security with Email, Endpoint and Phish Threat

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50% of employees admit to clicking links from unknown senders. Sophos Synchronized Security now helps find those risky users and train them in the latest launch from Sophos Email Advanced and Phish Threat (coming soon to Endpoint).


Sophos Email and Phish Threat

Available now, Sophos Email Advanced is the first Secure Email Gateway to feed intelligence directly to a security awareness training solution for the best results.

The new Sophos Email Advanced ‘At Risk Users’ report highlights exactly which users are clicking email links re-written by Time-of-Click URL protection. Identifying users who have either been warned or blocked from visiting a website due to its risk profile. It’s then simply one-click from the report to enroll users in Phish Threat simulations and security awareness training – increasing their threat awareness and reducing risk.


Sophos Endpoint and Phish Threat

Sophos Phish Threat isn’t only about email security training. What about malware downloads, data protection and web security? Phish Threat training covers a range of security and compliance topics.

Coming soon in Q4 CY2018, Phish Threat will also integrate with a range of existing endpoint reports in Sophos Central:

  • Endpoint Protection: Data Loss Prevention Policy Violators
  • Web Control: Malware Downloaders
  • Web Control: Policy Violators

Once identified, simply enroll at-risk users directly into Phish Threat simulations and training in one-click. No other vendor can achieve this in a single console - It’s a first in the market.