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Sophos Email Reporting and Policy Enhancements

News: Feature update



New detailed message summaries, policy enhancements and mailbox search makes Sophos Email even more valuable to email administrators.


New Reporting

Now view detailed summary information for every inbound and outbound message processed by Sophos Email.

Starting from the ‘Message History’ report in Sophos Central. Simply selected the new clickable email subject line of the message you’d like to inspect and you’ll receive a breakdown of helpful information, including:

  • Details of the sender, recipient, dates and times
  • Full message header information and any attachments
  • Full breakdown of message hops and current message status event (receipt or delivery) which ties in with how and why Sophos Email processed the email


Policy and Search Enhancements

The Allow and Blocked senders policy restricts messages to or from specific email addresses or domains and applies to inbound messages. In this latest update you now have the freedom to create IP address entries here. Additionally, domain allow/block now supports wildcards (*), allowing you to block country level TLDs, such as .cn.

Finding specific user mailboxes is now also simple task, with the new Mailbox Search feature within the ‘Mailboxes’ menu option.



  • All features listed in the article apply to Sophos Email Standard and Sophos Email Advanced license customers
  • These features have been automatically applied to your Sophos Email service in Sophos Central
  • No custom settings will be affected by this update