Sender Policy Framework (SPF) authentication – Now available on Sophos Email

News: Feature update



SPF (Sender Policy Framework) authentication for inbound email is now available in Sophos Email, and a great way to cut down spam and phishing attacks by blocking spoofed email.

Activate SPF in your Sophos Email policy with a simple toggle switch and we will begin checking the IP address of email senders against a list of authorized IP address published in the sending domain’s DNS record. If the IP address is not in the authorized list and if the senders SPF policy is FAIL, the email is rejected.



  • The feature will be automatically applied to your Sophos Email service in Sophos Central
  • Log into your Sophos Email, Sophos Central account to activate this feature in your Email Security Policy
  • The allow list can be used to bypass SPF check if required.
  • Any custom settings will be unaffected by the change