More for Quarantine Digest - Enhancements available in Sophos Email on Central

News: Feature update



Sophos Email’s new in-message quarantine digest feature just got a boost. New features now give you more control over when emails are sent, and users receive an improved experience.


Admin panel updates

  • Choose the time zone for your users in a simple drop down list
  • Select the day(s) of the week your users receive a quarantine summary email
  • Set the time of day users receive the summary email (1 message per day)


Message updates

  • Improved message formatting
  • Messages now only sent when there are quarantined emails to view
  • Direct link to delete quarantined email from the summary email
  • Allow users to receive the email in their preferred language: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Chinese




How it works

To activate the feature, simply select the policies settings menu in your Sophos Central Admin account. Here you can select your time zone, days of the week your users will receive a summary email and the time of day the email is sent.

  • Once this feature is enabled, users will start receiving the email quarantine summary on a daily basis (subject to your custom schedule set in Sophos Central)
  • End users can then simply release or permanently delete quarantined message by clicking on the “Release” or “Delete” links in the email. A link to the self-service portal is also available in the email if your users prefer
  • Successful release of a quarantined message will then display a success status page
  • If the release link is clicked again, the status page will show the message is already released



  • Updates will be automatically applied to your Sophos Email service in Sophos Central
  • Any custom settings will be unaffected by the change