Customer Feedback: What are your Linux security concerns


We are looking at the future of Linux security, not just an AV scanner, and are looking for your feedback on your security concerns with Linux.  

  • What do you use to protect your Linux/IaaS servers (other tools as well as AV?)
    • What are their pros and cons? 
  • What are your generic security concerns with Linux and IaaS in gerneral? – not just AV, but other areas of ingress (eg docker)
  • Are there any particular security features you wish you could have to help with your Linux and IaaS environment?
    • For instance certain alerts due to x y and z.

I will be able to share more details around the product in the coming months, but if any of you are interested in knowing more let me know. 

We are also providing an EAP of the product so if it something you would like to help us with please get in touch.   



  • I'll start the ball rolling.......

    I speak to customers who are less interested in 'traditional AV' on their AWS Linux workloads and are more concerned with insecure configuration and anomalous behaviour of account creation and authentication.