Finding unprotected servers

We are due to migrate our AV on Windows boxes to Sophos Server protection with Central, from another supplier.

The previous supplier had an LDAP hook in which would alert us when a server didn't have the AV product installed - being particularly useful for new build servers where an engineer would forget to install AV.

Does Sophos offer anything similar to this? Or do people have their own set ups to alert for this (powershell being my next bet)? 

  • Hello Luke Street,

    AFAIK the AD Synchronization that Central offers considers only users.

    where an engineer would forget
    well, just my two cents. Essential components, i.e. components that every server must have installed, should be either in the template, part of the automated deployment, or - if the build is manual - on the base check list. Thus I don't see how one could "forget" to install it.
    Checking for installed software could be part of server monitoring (unless the engineer forgets to install the monitoring agent ;) ). Whatever method, the alerts wouldn't come from Central. A device appears only in Central when the install has been initiated.