Windows Server 2012 R2 Fileserver crashes\freezes from time to time with Intercept X Advanced EDR

Hi guys, I have a question. We are using Sophos Intercept X Advanced EDR also on our Fileserver. Everything is activated except (scan during reading files). From time to time users are reporting that they cannot rename files on networkdrives (on our fileserver). It's extremley slow to rename a file or you cannot save a file because it takes too long. Users see this behavior also on our RDS Farm with activated folder redirection to their home drives (located on that fileserver). The only way to solve this issue is to reboot the fileserver. Stopping Sophos Services did not help but it occurs since Sophos products were installed on that fileserver. The server is fully patched with Windows Updates and also with the latest Sophos products. We think it's related to SMB & Sophos.

Do you have the same expierence with fileservers in your environmen?

What is the best practices with windows fileserver & Sophos?


  • Hi  

    Is it showing you any specific error while you try to rename the files? Could you please follow the steps mentioned here and check which component is causing the issue? 

  • In reply to Shweta:

    Hello! No this is not possible, because you can override only for 4 hours and there are 12 slider to enable\disable settings. We cannot reproduce it. It happens once (or twice) a day, not to a specific time. CPU and RAM looks normal at this time. You can rename and create files locally but you are not able to rename and create it via SMB (Shares). We also try the Early Access Programm for this server with no success.