Server protection installer now installing Intercept X ?

Hi, just tried installing Server protection (which we have had for some time) on a couple of servers that were missed in our original deployment, now seems to be installing Intercept X, which I dont believe we are licensed for. Is this the normal behavour, some thing changed recently ?

  • The Sophos Installer in Central has a overall package as installer per default. So you can call the installer to only install your needed services.


    Clicking on your name on the right top side and licenses, you can verify, which component you purchased. 

    If you install Intercept on Top on Server protection, you can simply remove Intercept X in Central. 

    Go to Devices - Switch to Server and click on "manage software". Go to Intercept X and remove the server(s). It will remove the component on the server. 

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    Hi LuCar, I had a look as you suggested, intercept is not assigned to any servers, and endpoint is assigned to all as expected