Server Event Logs and Lockdown Logs


I'm using Sophos Central on premises, just FYI. I have a question regarding Server Protection information: Where is it all? There's a wealth of reports and logs for all the Sophos Endpoints but the Server reports and logs seem lacking in comparison. To make matters worse, the Server Protection logs don't seem able to separate servers from the endpoint devices/users.

I'm testing server lock-down in preparation to use on other servers. Having locked the server, I cannot find a single line of info anywhere on the actual lock-down event eg. when it started and finished and any details as to the process. The event log for the server doesn't even register the lock-down! The lock-down events in Sophos Central only displays 24hrs. I tried looking through the actual log files found in ProgramData\Sophos, maybe I just missed it? Can anyone point me to more info?