Intercept X for Servers on Encrypted Servers

Hello, sorry for the general question. But, I'm not finding anything specific in published documents and was hoping someone may have run through this before.

We are implementing Server Protection through Sophos Central for a customer who is planning on implementing an encryption solution for some or all of their servers shortly after. We want to protect the servers with Intercept X as well. Some additional specifics:

- The customer is unsure of the encryption solution at this time.

- Server lockdown is not currently in the plans, so any automatic whitelisting of an installed 3rd party solution won't occur.

Has anyone gone through this scenario or have additional feedback on potential issues with encrypting an Intercept X protected server? My assumption at this point is that we would need to plan on process exclusions for the chosen utility. We are a little tentative to proceed without knowing the product, as well, due to the sequence of installs. We inadvertently found an unpublished conflict with a third party encryption tool (Deslock+) on a recent workstation deployment. While that was easier to digest, having similar issues affect a server is less receptive to the powers that be.

Thanks in advance and if I can provide any other information please let me know.

  • Hello Donovan,

    Is the plan to provide full disk encryption for the server, or would this be file encryption? As you know Intercept X provides protection against both disk and file ransomware, the only potential issue I can foresee, as you state, would be Intercept X incorrectly preventing the encryption software from executing and you needing to add exclusions. 

    Until you know the planned encryption software it will be difficult to assist further; i am looking forward to seeing if anyone else in the forum has any experience that they can share. 



  • In reply to StephenMcKay:

    I cannot speak for server but I do have bitlocker encryption enabled on multiple laptops and have had no issues with intercept x running on them as well, I did also have a user who uses a third party encryption for their USB, it came with it, in this case I had to make an exception in Sophos Central for the encryption to work, it was pretty painless.

  • Thanks for the replies. Currently, they are looking at a file level encryption solution. Looks like I'll just need to worry about exclusions at this point. If I run into any issues during testing, I'll be sure to update.

  • In reply to Donovan Chitwood:

    Doesn't SOPHOS offer encryption, they may be better to keep all their solutions under one hood, at least then you only have to deal with one support lol.