Synology - Active Backup for Business can not connect to Hypervisor

Hi all,

I'm using Synology's "Active backup for Business" solution to back up virtualization servers. After deploying sophos xg firewall solution. I cannot connect to the hypervisor server. I'm sure that I have entered the correct configuration information needed to connect. Please support!



  • Hi  

    If you are facing issue with Sophos XG, I would suggest you post your query at Sophos XG community group or join the group so that I can move the thread to the relevant group. 

  • Hello Nghi Tran,

    Please confirm the Firewall rule you configured for your Synology's server and your hypervisor server.

    Are you able to Ping

    What is the IP of each device? and in which zone are they configured?

    If for example is in the DMZ zone, and you are trying to connect from the LAN zone, you need to have a LAN to DMZ zone rule. Eg (please make sure the zones are correct as well as the IP address in the Firewall Rule).

    Source Zone = LAN

    Source Network = ANY ( or Hypervisor IP)

    Source Zone = DMZ

    Source Network = ANY (or Synology's IP) 

    If the issue persists send me a DM with your Firewall Access ID so I can confirm your configuration. 

    Monitor & Analize >> Diagnostics >> Support Access >> ON >> Access Status >> And copy & paste the Access ID and send it to me.


  • In reply to emmosophos:

    Hello Emmanuel,

    I created a rule that allows devices on the LAN to access the hypervisor server (

    I can ping to Also, I can access port 443 from another computer on the same network as my Synology device.