Change of initial network configuration during install of Sophos for Virtual Environments

Is it possible to change-/update the initial network configuration which was done during install, afterwards? (reinstalling is not an option for us)

Referring to the fields in below screenshots

  • Hello  

    I am afraid there is now way to change the network information of the SVM. Running the installer again will allow you to change settings. 

    You can have multiple SVMs on a host, so you could spin up a new one, migrate the GVMs to be protected by it and then delete the older SVM.



  • I came across this issue also and was not able to reinstall to change settings as running the installer again fails when it sees the same device name in Vsphere.. 

    What we did was change the gateway setting on the SVM's > typing "route" will display the settings.

    **Maybe Google changing default routes in ubuntu for a detailed explanation .. **

    Within seconds of changing the SVM was communicating with the sophos cloud again.. :)