VMs in Azure with Multiple Attached Disks (3+) Crashing When Installing Sophos

I've been working on installing Sophos in our corporate vm environment in Azure and have run into issues with machines with 3 or more attached disks as the subject suggests. Upon installation the servers will crash, and when they reboot, they are missing the Sophos AutoUpdate service. So when I try to install that separately from the MSI file located under C:\ProgramData\ it installs, but when I run an update it will crash again.


I currently have a ticket open; however, we are running into issues with gathering a complete memory dump for the server. Every time we try to we get a corrupt file.


The issue seems to relate to the HitmanPro service and the AutoUpdate service.


I was wondering if anyone else has ran into anything similar and/or if anyone has suggestions.


Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Matt,

    I've not heard any reports of this issue, please PM me your support ticket number so that I can ensure your case is escalated. 



  • I know this is little old but can I ask what version of server you were having this happen on. 


    Also did Sophos find a fix for this. 


    Were you getting Bluescreen also once Sophos was installed every so often?