Can't connect to SMB Share of Security VM

We are deploying Sophos for Virtual Environments. We have the SVM installed (version 1.2) in a hyper V environment. We have installed and deployed the SVE Guest installer successfully on 11 servers, but there is one server that when we try to access \\SVE Security VM\Public\ share it immediately gives an error of "The specified network name is no longer available."


- I can ping the SVE SecurityVM just fine by both name and IP Address
- Same Error happens if I try to connect to \\SVE SecurityVM\ or \\SVE SecurityVM\logs
- I don't get a login prompt just immediately the error
- I copied the install files manually to this server and installed the software thinking that might help, but it hasn't and the GVMScanning Service isn't installing.
- This is a Windows 2008R2 Domain controller, that is fully patched. It is also the main file server so not having Antivirus software running is a big deal.
- I can access other Windows SMB shares just fine from this server.
- I can access Samba shares on another Linux server just fine.
- I found this KB article and validated that "Network security:LAN Manager authentication level" to 'Send NTLMv2 response only' That didn't make a difference.
- In the SGVM Management logs from this server having the issue you see these events.  
1. Connected to SVM at address:
2. Command received from SVM: public\modules\SGVMScanningBundle\SGVMScanningBundle.tar
3. Copying file '\\\public\modules\SGVMScanningBundle\SGVMScanningBundle.tar' to location 'C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Sophos for Virtual Environments\SGVM Management Service\Commands\SGVMScanningBundle_0\SGVMScanningBundle.tar'
4. Update complete - Failure
5. Command response. Request ID: 8220 Command Result: Failure Error Code: 64 Response: Executing update command failed. Exception: Call to CopyFile failed. Error: 0x00000040

- I am not seeing any errors in the normal Windows Application or System event logs.


Anyone else run in to this or have any ideas?