Sophos Enterprise Console-visibility of VMs?

Management raised a concern that the Enterprise Console doesn't appear to give them a complete view of VMs, both protected and unprotected by our SVEVM.  What they're looking for is something similar to what you see when you click on Computers\Managed and Unmanaged in the console.  We don't have SEC integrated with our AD, but I'm not sure that even matters in this case since we're talking about SVE.  I explained the architecture to the best of my knowledge, that as long as the thin client is deployed to a given VM, it's protected by the environment's SVEVM.  But of course, they want visuals.

Am I missing something?  Can I give them what they want via the SEC?  We're currently running SEC 5.4.0.  Thanks for any help!


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    Central isn't the right forum for this question. I would have moved it but I can only move to groups you have already joined. Sophos Enterpise Console (SEC) would be a possible choice but it's not ideal IMO, the best place would be the Sophos for Virtual Environments forum. Perhaps please post there.


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  •  You can see connected Guest VMs within Sophos Central, but this is not possible in SEC and we have no plans in the next financial year to bring this functionality to SEC. 
    You can check protected Guest VMs in SEC, but not with the visual interface you require. 


    View protected guest VMs

    You can view all guest VMs that are protected by a Security VM.

    1. Browse to the Security VM. You must use Windows Explorer and you must use the IP address.

    2. Double-click the Logs share.

    3. When prompted, enter your credentials: • Username is "sophos". • Password is the access password you set when you installed the Security VM.

    4. Open ProtectedGVMs.log to view the protected guest VMs. Note: The ProtectedGVMs.log file only appears when the Security VM starts protecting guest VMs.

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    Mark, thank you for your reply, and also to Christian.  Apologies to all for posting my question in the wrong forum.