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Download requires the completion of Software Export Compliance

Hello. Tell me, please, how to download the installer? Tried as advised here. Everything seems normal just after the EULA the Download button button appears which redirects me to  this form. Since the answers to all the points are missing, the download does not begin. What to do?

  • Addition.
    Perhaps somehow affects Sophos Crimea Guidance Note? But I'm not in the Crimea and not in Russia, and in my city do not conduct an anti-terrorist operation.

  • Hello Stanilevich Vladimir,

    the answers to all the points are missing
    it's for you to fill them out. And you're not treated special. guess you get this form regardless of the region you are in - in other words, everyone has to fill it out.


  • Filling out the form allows the download. This has also happened to me and I am in Australia. 

    It appears ridiculous to me that we have to adhere to the U.S. regulation of software when we live in another country!! Also, if it was going to be used for nefarious acts, do you think the person would put their real details in form? Seems like a load of American bureaucratic nonsense to me.

    But hey at least we don't have Trump as our president! so every cloud!

  • In reply to Charles Lee1:

    Same here living in Germany and having to fill out this bullshit form.

    worst enough I'm failing it with " Export Compliance failure".

    The most annoying crap bullshit i have ever seen.



  • In reply to Omar Khalil1:


    It is required to fill in the details as per the Software export compliance. If you have questions, please contact us at

  • In reply to Stanilevich Vladimir:

    I have tried submitting this compliance form several times, had been waiting for weeks, then given up.

    Since then I never heard back from anybody from Sophos.


    Frankly speaking this situation builds a vivid and accurate impression on what this company is worth for.

    Like I reported before, I choose different good and reliable antivirus for Linux with customer oriented support  department.


  • In reply to Avir Testov:


    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. As I asked the same question in another thread, would you please PM me with the case number which you opened with the customer care team?

    Once the form is submitted, you should be able to download the installer from the page itself.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    Oddly I decided to give Sophos one more chance.  Hmm  Free antivirus for Windows didn't impress me at all. So I made the final attempt to test Sophos for Linux.


    First of all I checked "My account" to be certain that I don't have any available downloads and that my credentials are accepted by the site. Yes Passed.


    Then I followed this link: Yes

    Then "Get started": Yes


    I entered my email and name as requested, clicked "Submit".

    Sophos thanked me for "interest in Sophos Antivirus for Linux" and presented text "sav-linux-free-9.tgz" along with "Download" button.

    As anticipated I was immediately frightened with strong requirements to adhere export compliant policies. 

    I accepted the agreement and proceeded with "Submit". Sleep


    Then I had to again enter my name and although I chose Job role "Home user/Student" that stupid form asked me about Company and Industry as mandatory fields. Isn't it ridiculous? Confused

    Side note - can I trust personal information and intellectual property on my computer to a company which failed to develop a simple web form matching questions asked there?

    Upon submitting I was praised for filling in it with another warning about the U.S. government. Lightning

    Pretty soon an email visited my mail box informing about "[ITCC] Export Compliance failure notification". Super Angry This fact definitely proves that at least emails from Sophos reach me and aren't lost. Cool

    The email read that "If you don’t have a Sophos ID account, please click this link and create one as you will need it to access the software". Well, I have the account, I've had it for months and that never expedited issuing the license for one poor free software product.

    Maybe it's worth to mention that I passed through these steps as many times as I cannot count already. No

    I started requesting the free license in February 2020. In May 2020 the process hasn't moved any step further. This time miracle did 't happen either.

    Shame on you.

  • In reply to Avir Testov:


    I sincerely apologize for this experience. This is unusual, would you please PM me the case number if you have registered with Customer care team for this issue? As they should be able to help you with this issue.