could not open?

I did savscan / and got:

Quick Scanning

Could not open /home/ludo/.googleearth/instance-running-lock
Could not open /var/run/user/1000/gvfs

What does this mean?

I mean, I did it as root of course...

(scan was done without an internet browser opened)

  • Hi Catch22,

    Just in case this is an issue on the disk can you run a disk check? What are the permissions for these files? If you exclude them from the savscan using -exclude (see /opt/sophos-av/bin/savscan --help ? 

    regarding the gvfs file I found the following in an Ubuntu forum which seems to explain this: 

    "In Hardy, when a user has a gnome session running, the directory ~/.gvfs is a mountpoint for some sort of filesystem involving fuse. Since it is a mountpoint, nothing is actually stored on disk under ~/.gvfs in the filesystem you are backing up, so you can exclude it with some filter rule like "exclude /*/.gvfs". It will be recreated if needed, in my experience.

    This is a common problem with fuse-mounted files systems I think: not even root can access them, unless a configuration setting is changed somewhere for the mount. rsync throws up that error even if given the --one-file-system option (so it doesn't descend past the mountpoint)."



  • There are files in home directories that root can not open: they are mounted gvfs filesystems that do not give root access to the files.