No signs of life of the Antivirus after a successful installation on Ubuntu 18.04



eventually I do see signs of life:


However the ENDPOINT COMPLIANCE SCANNER REPORT doesn't detect anything:




I've installed it by running the script, answered all questions and even saw it prints that installation is complete and my computer is protected.

however I fail to see any signs of life in running processes, even after reboot.

Also a certain endpoint (of Checkpoint company) fails to detect any Antivirus on the system.

  • Hi  

    Would you please refer to this document and see if it helps. 

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    Thanks, I've tried and I see the expected output (version 9.16.0).


    So My issue with the the local end point seciruty SW which doesn't detect it probably has to do with other system components and I'll apply to those.


    Thanks you!

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    Hi There, 

    Sure, please let us know how it goes. 

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    I noticed that your Checkpoint endpoint compliance scanner rule is specific to Mac based on the name.  This rule may have been configured specifically for macs and the check does not properly apply to Linux machines.  Just something that may be causing it.

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    Yes, I've noticed it too.
    Officially they support only Win and Mac.

    I've hoped the Mac is similar enough seeing as it suggested Linux A/V's.

    Unfortunately that's not the case.


    Thank you for support, appreciate it, especially as it is a free product. 

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    Hello Leonid Brandes,

    Officially they support only Win and Mac (bold emphasis mine)
    well, whoever they are, they don't support Linux. And if you could get away with mimicking a Mac AV (or protection suite) then I'd not really trust this Compliance Scanner. Disquieting enough it didn't say        Unsupported (or unwanted) OS in the first place.