How to download free version of AV for Linux?

I can easily download trial AV for Windows and Mac but when I try the one for Linux I'm sent to additional agreement which I certainly accept. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to proceed any further regardless how many times I try or wait.


Is there any clue or checkbox I forgot to click?

  • Hey Avir,


    Are you using the free trial within Sophos Central? If so it might be the Export Compliance page that you are having difficulties with and we've seen before that ad-blockers can cause some conflict with the sites contents loading. In that case, try disabling your ad-blocker and see if that allows you to proceed with the download.

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    Thanks! I've tried submitting this form several times.

    All the times it said something about additional verification or whatever. Surprise

    I'm still unable to download this one poor Linux package. And I'm completely perplexed why downloading free/trial version for Windows or Mac doesn't require passing through all that export compliance checks while the version for Linux, the free version, needs all these extreme formalities. Does the version for Linux contain some secret military technologies which don't exist in the same version for Windows or Mac? Hmm

    So far ESET NOD32 or DrWeb for Linux are much more friendly for me as a customer. Yes

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    Thank you for your response. 

    Sophos free AV for windows and MAC is not a free version of commercial AV for windows and MAC. That is a completely different product Sophos Home which provides you with a free product for windows and MAC. 

    The free version of Sophos Linux AV is based on commercial Sophos AV for Linux with some restriction in user or etc, so for that, you need to feel the export compliance form if you want to download the installer. The installer will be downloaded fine after submitting all the information on the export compliance form. I have just downloaded it without any difficulties.

    I'd suggest you fill all the details in the form and submit it to download the Linux free version.

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    Shall I have to file the same export compliance form if for some reason we decide to purchase fully functional commercial version for Linux?

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    Every time when you try to download the installer from the Sophos website, you need to fill the export compliance form.


    Once you have a license from Sophos, you'll have Sophos Central console to download the installer directly and that'll not have an export compliance form to be filled up. The same scenario is for Enterprise console as well because when you purchase any product from Sophos, this form is already filled by you while purchasing a license.

    Downloading an installer from the website is basically for the trial license customers.

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    This is good to know!  Was not aware there was a free Linux version.

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    It would be free indeed if it did't require filling these export compliance forms. 

    So far I have not received any response for my form and expectedly chose different antivirus. Stick out tongue

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    After filling the form, you have not received the email from Sophos to download the installer? 

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    Correct. But like I said I don't regret that proceeded with different AV solution.

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    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    To update for other users just in the case facing the same issue, you can reach out to our customer care team if the email has not been received. 

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    I tried reaching that so-called "customer care team". They refused with something saying "not my job, ticket is closed".


    Again, I didn't even have a chance to try Sophos for Linux. Maybe it is good, but I'll never know this. Sad

    And the way how potential customers are treated here, it's very unlikely I recommend this solution to anybody. Angry


    Dr.Web and ESET exist for Linux, work well. They are not "free" indeed, but their price is negligibly small therefore can be considered almost free for any retail customer. Plus the license for Dr.Web also includes protection for Android device.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Would you please PM me with the case number which you opened with the customer care team?

    Once the form is submitted, you should be able to download the installer from the page itself.

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    Hi Jasmin

    same issue like Avir's is for me. But I would give it a try. My reference number is #9914086
    Otherwise I also switch to another AV Provider :-p

    Thx & Regards

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    Thank you for the case number.

    The case is with the customer care team currently. We'll keep an eye on the case for the resolution.