Sophos AV for Linux on FreeBSD....

Hello Everybody:

      I am trying to use Sophos AV for Linux on FreeBSD due to lacks of suitable AV solution in FreeBSD. I had configured FreeBSD Linux binary compatibility,and the savd could start up with no problem(sav-protect.log seems fine,and there is an unix socket in sophos-av/tmp). But when i try savscan, It just give me "Error: Unable to locate SavForLinux installation directory.". However,the ktrace shows sav4linux is getting correct files. Could anyone give me some advice??  Or could Sophos consider to support FreeBSD current version directly??  Thanks anyway.

  • Hi  

    As far as I know, FreeBSD is not Linux and is not a supported platform. However, you can try using UNIX version. As per the issue you are seeing, you can check on this article and see if it helps. 

  • In reply to Shweta:

    Thanks,the Sophos AV for UNIX support AIX/HP-UX/Solaris only,not including FreeBSD. So I had to use Sophos AV for Linux on FreeBSD. But I found why Sophos AV for Linux not works on FreeBSD. It's caused by wrong owner of Sophos engine file(I copy those files from another Linux host). After correcting this error,Sophos AV for Linux seems working on FreeBSD.