Sophos failed to get free credentials and will not install unless I select no updates service



So I trying out the free Sophos AV software on Red Hat Linux system. The system in question  is a standalone PC, running RHEL6.9. The only way I can get the software to install is to select no update support. If I select updates from Sophos (standalone PC) I get "failed to get free credentials". I do not have a server nor a proxy so there should not be any blocking issues that I am aware of.  


Also the PC will operate off-line once it is approved to be used. Meaning there will be no network / internet connection to other systems. Media will only be transferred via CD. I would like to know how can I install update manually via downloads from Sophas website. If I can where may I find the definitions?


Thank you 

  • Hello Robert Huth,

    can't say what causes the failed to get free credentials but you can obtain and configure them manually.

    There's no "delta" download you could fetch from the Sophos site as the whole package is checked for consistency and completeness. You'd have to download on a connected machine and then transfer its cache as update source to the off-line PC. Please see chapter 4 in the startup guide.