Extreme High CPU Usage

Dear all,


I am using Sohpos Antivirus for Linux on a Univention Corporate Server (based on Debian 7 using talpa). I have been using SAV for more than a year without facing any problems.

After an update yesterday evening I experienced an extremely high CPU load caused by the on access scan engine. As soon as I diable the on access scanning the CPU load drops to a normal level again. For further clarification please see the following screenshot from the gui task manager.

As far as I can tell there are no unusual entries/ warnings displayed in the log files. I have already tried to reinstall Sophos AV for Linux and diabled archive scanning, however this did not resolve the issue.


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Kindest regards,


Tom Derryl

  • Hello  

    Are you still getting this issue? (apologies that no one has replied to this thread)

    If you are still seeing the CPU spike can you please use the links below to send the logs to our support team. We have not seen any unusual spikes in CPU usage in the current and previous releases but we will certainly help to see if we can pinpoint the issue and cause of the spike when running an on access scan.