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I would know if there limits using --args-file ? i.e. may I use a file with 1 million rows of /home locations ?

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    Would you please provide more specification when you say 1 million rows of /home location? What are you pointing towards files or the file which is having 1 million rows of text?

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    in /home/user/public_html

    I have about 5 hundred users . Instead to execute a

    savscan /home/*/public_html

    I wrote a php file which creates a file /tmp/myfile (i.e.) with a list of files modified in latest 24 hours in  /home/*/public_html
    and I want check this file using args-file=myfile with the -f and -archive option for each file in the list

    savscan --args-file=/tmp/myfile

    Since there are various users using webmail or other dynamic script which adds constantly new files , the
    generated file /tmp/myfile is huge.

    I tested this way using only a part of these users , and I noticed that if the number of files contained in the file grows also
    savscan execution seems to be more slower . Is it so ? More large is the file and more slow run savscan --args-file=myfile ?
    It seems to became very very slow over 25000 files , so I am considering to use linux split .

    Thank you

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    I have contacted our Support specialist team to have an exact view on this.

    I'll update you once I have any update from their side.

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    Here is the article for 

    Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux and Unix: a Comparison chart of savscan and scheduled scan



    Please search for --args-file= to see more details.