• 29 Jul 2020

    Enhancing EDR in The Cloud

    We are excited to announce that Intercept X for Server Advanced with EDR has been enhanced with powerful cloud visibility features from Cloud Optix. In addition to even more detail on AWS, Azure and GCP cloud workloads, this integration gives Sophos partners and customers critical insight into their wider cloud environment including security groups, hosts, shared storage, databases, serverless, containers and more....
    • 15 Jun 2020

    Linux EDR - Live Discover

    There have been posts about our exciting new Linux EDR release elsewhere on the forum, but in case you missed them; here they are! We have had our Live Discover feature available for Linux Servers in our Early Access Program for a couple of months; this will be launching next week. Live Discover allows admins to search their data to answer almost any question they can think of by searching across their servers using SQL...
    • 31 Mar 2020

    Extended Anti-Virus support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

    Hi Community, Due to current events, we are lengthening the Extended Support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 until June 30, 2020. Please refer to the below article for more information. Extended Anti-Virus support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
    • 19 Nov 2019

    Sophos for Virtual Environments: SVMs running version 1.2.0

    In the new year Sophos will be making a change that means the virus engine running in version 1.2.0 of SVMs will no longer be supported. Whilst we haven't supported version 1.2.0 for several months, we want to advise all customers of the need to reboot their SVMs in order to complete any pending updates. Note: We recently ended support of v1.3.0; this followed the release of v1.3.2. Sophos will typically...
    • 25 Apr 2019

    Intercept X Advanced for Server with EDR - Now available

    Intercept X Advanced for Server with EDR is now available. With this update we bring the EDR capabilities from our Endpoint Protection to Windows Servers. You can add EDR today to report on your security posture any time, detect attacks that went unnoticed, and understand the scope and impact of security incidents. Existing Customers: You will be able to start a trial from the Free Trials section of Sophos Central...
    • 22 Feb 2019

    Early Access Program Release: Intercept X for Server with EDR

    Description: The new Intercept X for Server with EDR capabilities allow you to take charge of security incidents by answering the tough questions about an event, investigate with deep expertise, and respond with a click of a button. Eligibility details Intercept X for Server with EDR is available on Windows Server 2008R2 and later How to enable the features Simply enrol in the Early Access Program and assign...
    • 19 Feb 2019

    Introducing the new Threat Analysis Center

    To simplify the experience when reviewing and analysing Threat Cases we are making changes to where Threat Cases are accessed in Sophos Central. A new Threat Analysis Center can be found in the main Overview section of Sophos Central and this new area will consolidate all Threat Cases across both endpoint and server (and any future device types that might support Threat Cases and EDR capabilities). On February 20th ,...