Sandboxie working with Firefox but not with Google Chrome

Ever since I installed Windows 10 home 1903 (installed 7-28-2019 – OS build 18362.295), Google Chrome (version 76.03809.100 - 64 bit) no longer works with sandboxie (5.30) and will not

open the chrome browser. The problem with chrome appears with the sandboxie 5.30 default settings.When I use the default settings, I receive no error messages. I have also attempted to

use sandboxie version 5.31.2 beta but encounted the same issue. I then tried using Firefox version 68.0.1 32-bit and sandboxie 5.31.2 and Firefox works with sandboxie.. My antivirus is

Webroot version I’m not sure what's up with Google Chrome/sandboxie? Any help is greatly appreciated.