Bug: yellowish window; breakdown



I use Sandboxie with "Windows 7 Prof" 32bit. I use it together with Firefox 68.0. 3 GB RAM.


Since some weeks suddenly I get a yellowish window and then I realize, that Sandboxie has broken down.

When I open the windows 7 snipping tool, the yellow colour disappears. But when I close the snipping tool, the yellowish colour comes back. I can surf the internet, but all is yellow.

I then must close the browser.

Restart Sandboxie Control. Restart the Browser, and it works again.


I must say, that I always have a lot of tabs open. But till a few weeks ago this was never a problem.



Thank you for your reply.

  • complement:

    I have tried out version 5.28, 5.30 and the newest Beta. It's all the same.

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    Try to uncheck Border Color in Appearance Settings.


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    I have tryed it out.

    The yellowish colour does not appear now. But nevertheless the programm breaks down.


    I don't think, that it has something to do, that I use this setting in Windows or does it?:

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    Hi Frederik,

    When you state the color issue doesn't appear now, does that mean that turning off the appearance options alleviates the problem? 
    What is breaking now?
    If you re-enable the appearance settings, does the issue come back? 

    Does Firefox work fine on the host? Have you updated it lately? 
    Are your host video drivers up-to-date? 

    Please, also post the rest of the required info so that I can better assist you:
    How to report problems with Sandboxie


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    "When you state the color issue doesn't appear now, does that mean that turning off the appearance options alleviates the problem? "
    -> No.As I wrote the Sandboxie Control crashes.

    "If you re-enable the appearance settings, does the issue come back? "
    The yellowish appearance is not the problem. It is only a side effect.


    "What is breaking now?"

    I had this experience again, so I can descript it again:

    Sandboxie Control loses it's menu and freezes and shows strange content. See the picture above.
    When I then try 5 times to close the sandboxie Control window, sandboxie crashes total -> see the other picture above.
    At this time nevertheless firefox is still working. When I download a file, this file is still placed into the "secure" sandboxie folder.

    When I have a look into the Task manager the following processes are still active: SandboxieDcomLaunch.exe, SandboxieRpcSs.exeund SbieSvx.exe

    When I now start Sandboxie Control new, then it seems all is working proper again. I do not need to close or start firefox again.


    "Does Firefox work fine on the host? Have you updated it lately?"
    What do you mean with "host"? My Computer? If yes: it it works finde.


    "Are your host video drivers up-to-date? "
    The drivers are old, but there are no newer drivers.


    How to report problems with Sandboxie:

    1- Sandboxie 5.31.2 / Windows Professional 32 bit. Only security updates, no other updates
    2 - Firefox 68.0.1; Active Addons:

    3 - No Antivirus Program insrtalled
    4 - In the meantime I guess this occurs always, when the Sandboxie window "looking for updates" pops out in the background.
    5 -
    6 - See above.

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    Hi Frederik,

    To clarify, the issue is that Sbie control crashes when it searches for updates? Correct?
    Can I please get your configuration file? Configure--> Edit configuration.
    Copy paste the contents here.

    What version of Windows are you running? 10, 7, 8.1 ? And what's the build please? (you can click on Start and type "winver" to get this info).

    If Sandboxie control crashes, your program will probably be still running Sandboxed. You can verify by checking Task Manager and confirming the program is running as Anonymous Logon.
    Does it crash when no programs are running as well, or it is always with Firefox? 


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    Thank you for asking.

    "To clarify, the issue is that Sbie control crashes when it searches for updates? Correct? "

    ->I guess it is before it searches for updates. It occurs as soon as this windows pups up in the background:

    But at this time it is not yet searching. This window is only to rember the user, that he should search for updates. But the user can not even start searching, because he can not focus to this window, because sandboxie control is already broken at that time.

    (But: When I call the windows above manually, by menu->help->search updates, then no crash does occur. However, in this case, when click to button "check now" an error message appears. But no crash.)

    "Can I please get your configuration file? Configure--> Edit configuration."




    OpenFilePath=%Local AppData%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\
    OpenFilePath=firefox.exe,%AppData%\Moonchild Productions\Pale Moon\Profiles\*
    AutoRecoverIgnore=%AppData%\Moonchild Productions\Pale Moon\Profiles


    SbieCtrl_RecoverTarget=D:\Daten\Programme (aber nicht Windows)\Download Programme\andere\MX Linux
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=2224,firefox.exe [DefaultBox]
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=2224,firefox.exe [undurchlassig]
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=2209,[22 / 1332]
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=2224,plugin-container.exe [DefaultBox]
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=2205,DDE 000003E6
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=2205,DDE DATA
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=1222,[C0000061 / 32]
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=2205,Win32Init.4 (C0000024)
    SbieCtrl_HideMessage=2205,CloseClipboard C0000058




    "What version of Windows are you running? 10, 7, 8.1 ? And what's the build please?"

    Windows 7 Prof; Vers. 6.1; Built 7601; Service Pack 1

    "Does it crash when no programs are running as well, or it is always with Firefox? "

    I always have firefox open. I need it always. So it is always open. I can not answer this question.

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     Sorry: I had now again a crash of Sandboxie Control. And this way without an "update window" in the background.

    "To clarify, the issue is that Sbie control crashes when it searches for updates? Correct? "

    No. In the newest crash not. It suddenly occured:

    Task Manager:


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    Please click the gif-Animation in the message from 24 Jul 2019 8:20 PM.

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    Hi Frederik,

    A few things:

    The configuration file shows 2 antivirus templates enabled: (you stated yo don't have an AV installed, so these are probably old and need to be removed)
    --> If you don't have an antivirus installed, please remove them by going to Configure --> Software compatibility - uncheck them. If you see any other templates for things you don't use, feel free to remove them as well (review Lingoes, 7zip, Babylon).

    Now the next step is to determine if the issue is Firefox related or not. So please test running other applications (not Firefox) in the Sandbox and see if you can reproduce the problem.
    If you confirm that is only Firefox causing issues, you may want to ensure Firefox is up-to-date outside the Sandbox (along with all its extensions). And also test running a new Firefox profile without any extensions to see if that changes the behavior. This can help ruling out a program-based issue, or an extension related one. Please perform the tests in a new Sandbox with default settings (this will also save time and help us determine if your Sandbox is corrupted and causing issues). 

    From the screenshots and gif I would recommend that you check your drivers are up to date (with whatever latest version is available for your hardware).

    Last but not least, I recommend to fully remove and reinstall Sandboxie [Make a backup of the configuration so you can paste it back later]. I read on your previous posts that you have tried different versions. However, it still looks like you have an old Sandboxie configuration file. You may want to consider using the Beta installer to fully remove Sandboxie AND the configuration file, reboot and reinstall a clean version, then test to see how things work when everything is "fresh" .

    Looking forward to the results.


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    Thank you. I will do some steps.

  • In reply to Frederik Wullschleger:



    I made the following:

    1) I have fully removed and reinstalled Sandboxie with a blank new configuration, which I configured new.

    2) I changed the screen from 125% to 100%.

    Result: I did not have any futher issue now.

    As the issue was solved now, I later did the following (I want to use the 125% Screen):

    I changed back screen from 100% to 125%. I did not change any other thing.

    -> Now I have again this issue. Please note: This occurs not after some minuts of using firefox in Sandboxie. It occurs after some hours.

    Firefox must have full-screen-mode, otherwise the yellowish firefox is not visible. (Yes, if the issue occurs I can change to firefox into normal mode, then I can go back into full-screen mode and the yellowish keeps away. But this is useless, because Sandboxie Control does not react now.

    (In windows 7 I have installed all security updates, but not other updates.)

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    Hi Frederik,

    Update, I left FF in full screen (sandboxed) running overnight and experienced no issues. 

    -Thank you for the update. I'll see if I can repro and let you know the results.-

    Did you test if other applications behave the same way?

    Did you create a new profile in FF to see if that helped? (especially interested in knowing if the problem occurs without the extensions)

    Are you running any specific sites when the issue occurs? I am not sure how time can affect the behavior, but  I'll give it a go and let you know what I find out! 


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    In the meantime I have tested the same with Opera. I have not used Opera until now. So this was a fresh install. Sure I have changed a few settings in Opera for better using it. And I use the following Addon with Opera: uBlock Origin.

    In addition:
    I use still the Screen dpi setting 125% as shown above.

    My windows has all security updates, but
    -no other windows- updates and
    -I never updated "Internetexplorer". So my system has IE 8. (I will not update it, because only when I do not update it, I can fully deactivate antialysing on my system, and I like a pin sharp font. (I only have a monitor with 1280 x 1024 pix, not 4K)

    The issue has not occured after a few hours, but after about two days. During this two days I have set my computer several times into hibernate. And restarted it from hibernate. (RAM is written to the hard disc).

    I am looking forward for a solution. Thank you.

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    While I was using Opera during the 2 days, there were the following error messages:


    I don't know if they have anything to do with the issue.