Move SandBoxie installed programs to another one computer


I plan to change my computer, but i would like to use all the SandBoxie Installed Programs on my new computer without make a new installation.

Is there a way to move this all from one computer to another one?

I tried to copy one of the SandBoxie Folders to my new computer with installed SandBoxie and it shows me the programs but they could not be started correctly.


  • Hi Jessy,

    Aside from copying your Sandbox folders, and then re-creating each Sandbox on your new machine, you may need to export registry entries as well in order to move installed programs from one computer to another. 

    Here's how Sandboxie handles that:

    Leaving this thread open in case users have further suggestions for you. 


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:


    Thanks for your help.

    Can you tell me how i can export the registry from the sandbox?

    I thought that it is already included in this folder, when i copy it 

  • In reply to Jessy Wright:

    Hi Jessy,

    The information about how Sandboxie handles the registry is listed in the link I provided.
    It shows what is created and where is it located.

    If you need assistance exporting/importing Windows Registry entries you may want to perform an online search to find ideas. 
    You will probably also have to take into account paths and users involved. But that's outside Sandboxie's scope.