Cannot rename files from SB in Win10

I've been using Sandboxie for several years in Win7. Now I've installed Win10Home + SB and copied "Sandboxie.ini" from my Win7 computer. The folder structure etc. are the same on both computers.

When I run Notepad in SB, it is unable to rename any files, not even those it just created. When I run FF from within SB, it does not remember its configuration from the previous run - that's because it is unable to rename .tmp files with updated configuration (e.g. "extensions.json.tmp" to "extensions.json"). Everything else seems to work fine.

Q: Do I have to set anything differently in Win10 than it was set in Win7?

Details: Without SB everything works correctly, in SB only the file rename seems not to work. The only difference I found is that without SB the apps are executed under my win accout, while in SB they are executed under the "ANONYMOUS LOGON" account. The privileges of both accounts seems to be almost identical (checked using the "Process Explorer" app).

The whole directories and everything within them is owned by me, and SYSTEM, Administrators and OWNER (myself) have full control on all files and folders, recursively.
When I create a folder, and then a file within that folder, I can rename that file. But I see no difference in privileges of this folder/file and other folders/files (they all are owned by me and SYSTEM, Administrators and OWNER have full control in all cases).

The same setup works in Win7Pro, but not in Win10Home. What's the problem?

Version: Sandboxie 5.30, Win10Home x64 v10.0.18362