sandboxie inside virtualbox windows 10 host


I want to use bidirectional clipboard in virtualbox.
I have windows 10 host and windows 10 guest.
Bidirectional clipoard (copy / paste) works perfect.
Now I have installed sandboxie inside the windows 10 guest.
Wenn I start a programm in sandboxie only the bidirectional past is working.
Copy does not work from guest to host. Copy and past inside the guest is working (also from sandboxie to outside the guest)

Can someone help?

Many thanks

  • Hi Lars,

    To clarify, you are stating that since you installed Sandboxie you cannot copy/paste from your guest to your host?  (If this is the case, can you confirm that removing Sandboxie fixes the problem?)

    Or that the sandboxed programs cannot copy directly to the host?  (If this is the case, sometimes the clipboard doesn't work very well, you may need to copy to the guest and then to the host ) - However, I tested on one of my vms + latest beta and had no issues, so once you clarify, please provide the required information and I'll take a look
    How to report problems with Sandboxie


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:



    thanks for your answer.

    Copy from a sandboxed programm directly to the host doesn't work. (Past from host in a sandboxed programm direcly in the guest is working).

    Yes I installed the latest beata of sanboxie inside the guest.

    Yes copy form sandboxed programm to guest and then to the host is working, but I dont want that.

    Are you shure, that clipboard copy worked in your system?

  • In reply to Lars Laux:

    Now I have tested some programms.

    From sandboxed notepad copy is working.

    From sandboxed firefox portaple 68 it is not working.

  • In reply to Lars Laux:

    Hi Lars,

    As covered in my first response, the clipboard may not work very well in some instances, and the workaround is the way to go (the devs are not going to look at this issue right now, but they are aware of the clipboard behavior, as this is not a new scenario). 

    For some other ideas:
    Try a different browser, try the non portable version of FF to see if that helps, and/or a different Firefox profile.  

    In my tests , I copied from FF 68 (stable, not portable) to outside the host (to notepad and to FF host) . But YMMV, so you may need to try different combinations.