Chrome, Microsoft Chrome, Firefox etc & Outlook 2016

I know I presented this problem before but I can find it,
It is still ongoing
The 1st thing I do every day is open Chrome in the Sandbox, I open 3 website that I have to log into My Remote Access Dashboard (Solar winds), Remote access Deskroll and the Sandboxie form.
All 3 sites require a username and password 
after I log in if I go to outlook and try to click on a link, I see it appear in Sandboxie and then I see it go away

Here is the interesting problem, if I open outlook 1st and click on a URL and it open Chrome, I can then open all my regular site and still click on link in Outlook and they work

This happens in Firefox 64, the New Microsoft Chromium 
Does anyone have any idea why this does this, is something getting locked out when I preform the logins 1st and them tyr using outlook
BTW - this was working up until 5.31.x, but I'm not sure if 5.31.x is the problem

I tried this on my one client that was having the same problem, if he open Chrome 1st and then Outlook (Problem) Open outlook and click on a link OK


Bill e. Barrett
Sandboxie 5.31.2
Windows 10 Pro Build 18362.19H1_release.190318-1202
Outlook 7/9/2019 16.0.11328.20368