Limited space on C drive (SSD). How can I install Sandboxie on D (HDD) drive?

Hi, I just joined today to ask this question. My computer is a mixture of SSD and HDD.  The SSD drive is very small and so far I was able to use sandboxie when the games or apps were only a couple of gigs big. But I was trying to run a larger game and I realized because Sandboxie is on C drive (I tried to reinstall Sandboxie but it does not give me the option to install elsewhere), I can use Sandboxie for a bigger game. Meanwhile my D drive (which is HDD) has got about five times the space on my C drive but can't be used. What can I do to make Sandboxie use that space instead? Thanks.

  • Hi Joyce,

    You can change the Sandboxie container folder to anything you need, by following these steps:

    Sandboxie Control --> Sandbox --> Set container folder

    More info here:


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    Thanks Barb, that was embarrassingly simple, and yet despite 20 minutes of google search had not found this solution. Thank you very much.

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    May I add, make sure that the Sandboxie Container folder is deleted from the previous drive, as I've seen it cause problems
    Just a suggestion

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    Thank you very much Bill. I had gone back and made the container on D drive as suggested, but nothing changed and I felt so disappointed because no matter how often I tried doing it (and restarting the PC and making other changes) it wasn't working. But then I came back here and saw your reply and deleted the previous sandbox container on C and yes, it's actually working, the container showed up on the D drive. I don't know why this is not mentioned anywhere else, but I'm glad you did make this post, and hopefully others will see it too. So it seems you can not have containers on different drives, at least not on some computers...for whatever reason. Anyhow, thanks a lot for your help.