License expired - what now?

Hello SBIecommunity. My License has now expired, and i just stumped upon that "Maintenance" notice while trying to buy a new one.

I became pretty dependant on SBIE during the last year, and now... what can I do? How do I get a new license?!

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    It's PR 101.

    If they are involved in a situation or transaction that they cannot publicly discuss, then when asked about what customers should do, or about what is going on, they should state that they cannot comment at this time.  Period.

    Under no circumstances should they EVER give FALSE information.  That is simply asking to have your reputation destroyed.  And it is always unnecessary.

    I don't know if they gave false information or not, but if not, it will be a fascinating industry lesson to learn how a broken server caused a public company  -- that is in the business of computer networking and security -- with over a half billion dollars in sales and over 3,000 employees -- to completely shut down the operations of one of their products for going on several *MONTHS*.

    That story will be a case study in how NOT to manage your computer resources for college IT courses across the planet for decades!

    Else it will be a case study in B schools for how NOT to handle PR.

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    Do you think they are lying about their other products too? You really have to wonder.

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    Quick update - I am still waiting on ensuring a few things on our before I give our next update (which should have way more information for everyone). Stay tuned.

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    Hacked by Russians?  Ransomware attack?  That wouldn't be a good look for a network security company.

    It's getting mysteriouser and mysteriouser...

    I see that you have made some changes in the forum though.  That smacks of some kind of continuity.  It's a good sign, but still leaves open the question of why you would allow the product to suffer and loose both immediate revenue and customers without some catastrophic change or problem.

    Hope to find out the backstory here soon.

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    I think the worst case would be that Sophos announces it is discontinuing and shelving the product without allowing it to be further developed by anyone or publicly available anymore.  That would be a terrible ending.  And at this point, based on the events that have taken place so far, this scenario can't yet be ruled out.  My mind wanders...lack of information leads to that kind of depressing speculation.

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    I agree that would be a terrible ending. The good news is that we're not planning on shelving the product without allowing it to be further developed.  

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    "It's getting mysteriouser and mysteriouser..."

    ^^ LOL.  Big Smile  Ryan, you crack me up!

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    Thank you for ruling that out Seth.


    I can also think of a best case scenario which I won't elaborate on.


    I'm happy to say that nothing that has happened so far rules that one out either. Geeked

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    Still waiting!!! Super Angry

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    WOW!  Still nothing?!  This is getting worse and worse.  Massively unprofessional and irresponsible job by Sophos.  What are they thinking?!