Is there a way to change the location for the folder "user" of a sandbox?

There is the option of Ovr. prefix ( but apparently is not working anymore. Is there maybe some other way to do that?

  • Hi Argos,

    Please follow the guidelines to provide all the info and repro steps so that I can test this:

    How to report problems with Sandboxie


  • Hi Argos,

    As you already know, Sandboxie installs the sandboxes on the active drive (usually C) by default. If you set the sandboxes on a partition other than "C", then it's only loosely tied to the "user" folder. More accurately, it's tied to the user folder in a different way.

    For example, say you want to move all your sandboxes to Drive Z. (Don't forget to backup Sandboxie.ini file located in the Windows directory)

    After they are physically moved to the root directory on the new drive; in SB Control Menu Bar go to CONFIGURE\EDIT CONFIGURATION

    This will open Sandboxie.ini file. Sandboxie needs to know about the new location. Add the following line under Global Settings so it looks something like this:



    If the folder names or path are different than the above example, change it accordingly with no spaces.

    Then under USERSETTINGS look for or add just under user settings  if needed:


    SbieCtrl_UserName=(fill in user name without the parentheses)

    There should be no spaces after the equal sign and the user name. Save file and close.

    The changes should be immediate.


    If this is not what you wanted, then to reverse it, move the sandboxes back to the original location. Open the BACKUP of Sandboxie.ini file and COPY everything.


    Delete everything in the file and PASTE. Save and close. Everything will be back the way it was before you started.

  • Hi Barbara this is not about a bug, I want to move the location where sandboxie stores user profile data. By default this is the subdirectory "user" under the sandbox folder (together with the "drive" subfolder). From the information about configuration variables at the old website this should have been possible by adding
    Ovr.UserProfile = newPathforUserProfileFolder
    But it is not working like that, I'm guessing Ovr is absolute and not implemented anymore. I was wondering if there is some other way to achieve this by change some sandboxed registry settings or something else. I tried but with no success so I was hoping someone else/developers could suggest some other way.

    Hi Sam and thank you for the long and detailed reply but as you can read above I was not asking about the location of the whole sandbox but of its user subfolder. I am aware and use FileRootPath but not of SbieCtrl_UserName I cannot find any information about it but my first guess is that it directs sandbox where to check for the user profile folder or perhaps its the name of the default root folder (am I right?) while what I am looking for is a way to tell sandboxie to change the location where it stores the user profile data in a specific sandbox. Are you aware of any setting for that, similar to FileRootPath?

    The reason I want this is because there are some conditions where some apps to work correctly sandboxed need direct access to user profile data but I don't want to give direct access to my original user profile folder to them.

  • In reply to Argos A:

    Hi Argos,

    Did you take a look at Sam77's response? He provided what seems to match what you are asking for.
    You may also want to review the Sandbox Hierarchy page, for more information regarding how does it work. 

    Understood this is not a bug, but I need the required information to set up the scenario an test it. Once I get that, I'll be able to further assist you.
    Provide the exact steps you are following, and the exact goal you are trying to accomplish,  so I can try them on my VM and see what's the result and if there's a workaround to achieve what you want.
    Here's the rest of the required info, which will allow me to set up the correct Win version, Sbie version, add any third party software, etc (if supported):
    How to report problems with Sandboxie 


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    Applications store data at %appdata% and also use %tmp% folder. Sandboxie by default puts these folders under the subfolder named user I want to change the location of them or of the entire user subfolder. Something similar to FileRootPath setting but for the path of the user subfolder.

    I will try to do it with junctions but even if it will work that comes with limitations (every time I delete the sandbox I will need to recrreate them). I would prefer if it is possible to configure sandbox to store user profile data in a chosen path eg at E:\userdata instead of at FileRootPath\user folder

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    Argos A

    I am looking for is a way to tell sandboxie to change the location where it stores the user profile data in a specific sandbox. Are you aware of any setting for that, similar to FileRootPath?

    I understand what you want to implement but I'm not sure if it's possible being SB mimics everything. Guest10 from the old forum was a master wizard with this kind of stuff too bad he's not here.

    It's an interesting concept because if this could be solved, there probably would be some games that don't currently work in a sandbox that will work with this. Sorry, I'm not going to be any further help on this one.