Battlefield 4 won't launch with sandboxie

As the title says, after clicking "Launch battlefield 4" it launches for like 2 seconds and instantly closes without any error.

What should I do now?


There was a topic on an old forum

  • Hi razor ex,

    Not all games will work in the Sandbox, and unfortunately this is not something we currently support.
    If an anti-cheat is involved, it will not work Sandboxed.

    You may want to reach out to the game's tech support side to find out if they allow the game to run in isolation.  Once they confirm, you can use resource access monitor to see if there's anything in there showing up, that relates to your game, and open it in the Sandbox (punch a hole to see if that allows communication):

    How to launch Resource Access Monitor.
    Here are the different things you can open: (not a guarantee you'll find the fix, but it may help you)