Windows 10 - Emoji Picker Panel

HP 21.5 Inch 4GB 2TB AIO Desktop PC    
Operating System -  Windows 10 - 64 bit  Version 1809
Antivirus Software -  Avast Free  
Firewall -  PrivateFirewall  
CPU -  2.20 GHz  
Motherboard -  HP, 84DE  
Ram -  4 GB  
Storage - 1 TB  
Default browser = Google Chrome, but problem exists with
other browsers when using Sandboxie.
With my browser opened by Sandboxie and using
Winkey + point, my emoji panel comes up, but the emoji
will not insert in the text. Nothing happens on the click.
Using a non-Sandboxied browser, the emoji work perfect,
no problem.
Sandboxie is somehow stopping the emoji from inserting.
How can I configure Sandboxie to allow my emoji to work ?
  • Hi Yabbadoo,

    This is not something we are planning on fixing soon, however I did some testing and have a workaround you can apply at your own discretion -
    (you will be punching a hole in your Sandbox like with any template, so keep that in mind, and if possible, use this Sandbox just for the emoji/browser app) - :

    Close your Sandboxed apps
    Right-click on your desired Sandbox --> Sandbox Settings ---> Resource Access ---> IPC Access--> Direct Access
    Click "Add" 
    Paste the following:
    Ok and Apply your way out

    Re-launch the browser in the Sandbox you applied the changes to and re-test the emojis. 

    As an alternative method, you may want to use an emoji website which will allow you to copy directly within the browser. An online search will help you find them right away. Of course, up to you. 


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    Brilliant Barb - thanks a million - it worked fine.

    Hopefully, my AV will protect against the Sandboxie template hole,

    making the risk minimal.