Sandboxie. what should i do now?

Hi all,

To report a problem with Sandboxie (version 5.30 only - we will not support previous versions), please follow these guidelines:

Keep in mind we are currently providing support for:

Windows related issues
Security issues 
MS Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox (stable versions) 
Adobe Acrobat 
Any other problem reports will be reviewed, but no ETA or fix will be guaranteed. 

Please, be sure to check out the Beta Section and reply there accordingly if using a beta version. 

Be sure to provide the following information when submitting a problem report: 
1- Sandboxie and Windows version (For example Sandboxie 5.30 , Windows 10 x64 bit 1809) 
2 - Affected applications version (if using a browser, include any extensions as well)
3 - List any antivirus installed, and their version.
4 - Steps to reproduce the issue.
5 - Does it occur in a new sandbox with default settings? 
6 - Full error message and screenshots of it if applicable. 

For steps regarding how to use the new forums, please review this article:
Sophos Community: How to participate

 Thank you!

  • Hi Joseph,

    Not sure what are you reporting here. It seems that you have copy-pasted the How to report a problem guide. 
    If you require assistance, follow the steps outlined above and complete them with the required information so that we can help.