Any news regarding the Sandboxie status update?

I've been wanting to buy Sandboxie for weeks and I keep coming back almost every day to check the store page.


The store page has been down since at least April 24 and the last status update was May 22. It's now almost almost 3 weeks since the last update.

Surely there has to be something new to report about the status of the store page.


"For the time being, buying options are not available (to prevent additional issues with our licensing server)."


The license server has been back up weeks ago so what's holding up the store page?

If it still is a technical issue then what exactly is the issue?

What is being done to resolve the issue?

How many people are working on it daily?

If you share more information on what the what the issue is we might be able to suggest a good solution.


The lack of information gets people like me speculating...

To me it's starting to looke like a management decision is stopping you or there is a legal issue.