Firefox Portable issue

Barb, please don't delete the thread until user does not confirm resolve of his issue. I use firefox portable, and solution provided to me does not help to me. 

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    We don't delete threads (unless we are talking about spam or completely out of place stuff).  I am not sure what are you referring to. But if you provide more info I'll help you find it.

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    I'll be waiting. It is not a spam, a want to solve my problem, because untill windows1903 i dont have any problem. An i use you programm from first release of windows 10 and never have any problem, so i hope you help me. 

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    Hello! for all firefox users on windows 1903 and expecially who use sandboxie) As i wrote below in another post, i got problems with sites opening and firefox doesnt work properly. But today i found solution - open firefox, then about:config, and change this parametr network.dns.disableipv6  from false to true. So problems will dissapear. Problems was on unsupporting ipv6 of my ISP. I think some users doesnt have any problems(maybe Barb too) because their ISP support IPV6. But so very strange without sandboxie  firefox work perfectly(not needly change network.dns.disableipv6), problems occurs only with this strange combination firefox+sandboxie+windows 1903.

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    After the update i ran into similar issue with 1903, eventually cleared my browser history, site preferences and offline website data manually, using CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, and besides ipv6 which i resolve there is maxing windowed issue as well.

    Any thoughts on that.

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    Hello! you may try solution provided below. I hope you will solve your problems as i am. Does your ISP support IPV6? If doesnt, then it will help. But if ISP support IPV6 then i dont know.

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    Please, do not re-post, your original thread is still open (it was never closed/deleted):

    If we post the same thing in different places, the actual problem and solution get mixed up/lost. 

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