UBO (Firefox) and Sandboxie

Can anyone please tell me how to allow uBlock Origin to write/save changes to its filters through Sandboxie, when using Firefox.  I'm running the browser sandboxed, make my selections of items to block (using the Element Zapper tool), but of course when closing the sandbox those selections are gone.  I'd like to be able to make permanent changes...I had this ability using Adblock Plus, have switched to UBO, and definitely would like the same functionality.

Thank you!

  • Hi IntermediateUser,

    Have a look at the direct access options:
    Resource Access - File

    Using that, you can allow desired files/locations to bypass the sandbox. 


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    Thank you for the reply.  Could you please tell me if this looks correct, as it doesn't seem to be working?  Several files within the folder are written/saved when blocking an item (un-sandboxed), so I would like to allow direct access to the entire folder from within the sandbox:


    This is in the Sandbox settings UI, under Resource Access-->File Access-->Direct Access.  Do I need to make a separate line for each file written, or create an * wildcard, or modify the .ini, or ???

    Thank you again.

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    Hi IntermediateUser,

    Here are some examples of OpenFilePath that contain wildcards, among other things:

    Once you have identified the location you want to bypass, you need to add it to the direct access list. You can add the absolute path (if it doesn't change/have multiple targets), or a folder and use a wildcard. FYI %AppData% will direct you to Roaming already, so your location should be something like


    Based on your last post, here's what I would do (remember that you are punching holes and bypassing the Sandbox when you do this, so continue at your own discretion) 

    That would allow everything under the "default" folder to be bypassed.  You want to make sure you have the right target before doing this.


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    That seems to have done it.  The extension folder is now being updated when I block browser elements from within Sandboxie.  Thank you!

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    I would suggest using the following:


    Otherwise you allow the storage of data from websites (IndexedDB).