Will Sandboxie ever be sold again?

It appears we have a canned answer that the Sandboxie order page is under construction.  I have never seen an order page be down for a month or longer as this is the source to make money for a company.  There appears to be no construction going on, nor any means or desire to sell the Sandboxie software.  Is Sandboxie dead / to never be sold again?  If it is to be sold when (what date) can customers expect to be able to purchase product?

  • Hi John,

    We have multiple threads about the same thing. The answer hasn't changed because the site is still under maintenance:

    New information and updates will be posted in the status thread:
    What happened to the Sandboxie site and forums
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  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    I do NOT buy this Barb!  Your answer does NOT address that it is being worked on (meaning what exactly has been done in the past month to get the Sandboxie order page up and running).  It does NOT address the cash flow issue for the company being down a month selling NO product!  It does NOT address what the problem currently is and why it has not been fixed over a month later!  It does NOT address the problem of WHEN clients / customers can expect product.  Please post or have someone in CORPORATE address the above problems.  In the meanwhile, this appears to be just a canned answer with NO hope of ever seeing Sandboxie sold again.

  • Hey John,

    The website issue has nothing to do with the long term future of Sandboxie.  Our security team found issues with the software used on the forums so we decided to take the forums down while we resolve the issues. 

    Unfortunately, I don't have a date when you can expect to purchase right now.  As soon as we have more information we will be sure to post an update.


    -Seth with Sophos (and formerly Invincea)

  • In reply to Seth Geftic:

    Well Seth it would be good to get an update NOW as to WHEN clients and customers can expect to buy Sandboxie NOT when we get more information ( AS it has ALREADY been down for a month now)!  Your being down over a month now has affected businesses worldwide!  It has NOT only affected cash flow for your company, but many other companies as well!  To say none the least, I am a little pissed as are many other businesses and people across the world!  This should have been up weeks ago!